Programs & Events

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation supports a variety of programs that are important to the White River Valley community. Some of these are health programs delivered by Pioneers Medical Center, while others are simply programs that contribute to the health and well-being of the people living in our region.

PHF Programs

Your support is needed to help us provide these important programs to our community.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides nutritional meals five days a week. This is an essential community program that serves low-income, elderly, disabled and ill residents that are not able to cook for themselves. The program relies on donations to sustain its services.

While Meals on Wheels provides food to these in-need members of our community year-round, the program does not offer meals on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please contact (970) 878-9726 for more Meals on Wheels information.

Cancer Screening Fund

The Pioneers Healthcare Foundation Cancer Screening Fund provides assistance to our low income and uninsured community members, allowing them to receive important cancer screenings such as mammograms.

Meeker Streaker Transportation

Meeker Streaker Transportation delivers transportation options to the elderly and disabled in the community. It provides a free transportation option for seniors and disabled individuals to assist with doctors’ appointments, mid-day meals, church and other activities. If you’re in need of the Meeker Streaker’s services, please call (970) 456-7701.

Walbridge Wing Activities

Walbridge Wing Activities are an important part of the physical and mental well-being of the residents in the Memorial Walbridge Wing nursing facility. These funds help provide:

Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own is a workforce development program designed to address the shortage of healthcare workers in our community. The program includes scholarships, internships, shadowing days and Certified Nursing Assistant Training.

The Kris Borchard Strive for Excellence Scholarship is a component of the Grow Your Own program. It addresses the need to develop our local physician, nursing and other healthcare talent pool for careers that require education beyond the undergraduate level.

Scholarships and Grants

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation has created a scholarship program for local individuals interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. Visit our Scholarship page to learn more about these opportunities.

In addition, PHF regularly pursues grant opportunities that will assist with the funding of equipment and health/wellness program development. These grants have been instrumental in our ability to raise the quality of the care and services we provide.

Donate to Make a Difference

Your contributions help us deliver the important healthcare services and educational scholarships that our community needs


PHF Events

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation hosts a variety of events throughout the year in order to help raise funds for our mission. These events are crucial to the ongoing success of Pioneers Medical Center, and the money we raise helps us improve the quality of healthcare services we’re able to provide to our community. Higher turnout at our events will significantly boost their success, and we encourage you to participate whenever you can.

Annual Tree Lighting

Light the Lights 2022 – Donation Form

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation has been hosting our Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony since 2008. Recognize and honor your loved ones while giving a gift to benefit the entire community. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is held on the Courthouse lawn and features:

With each light bulb you purchase, you can honor a family member, friend or individual serving in the military who cannot be home for the holidays. Your loved one’s name will be placed on a banner displayed on the Courthouse lawn throughout December.

All the proceeds raised from this event go directly to the Foundation’s many programs serving the Meeker community.

Jingle Mingle

Kick off the holiday season with our Jingle Mingle. This party is a great way to help raise funds for many of the important services provided by PMC. The themes and fundraising goals vary from year to year, but you can always count on having a great time while supporting an important cause that will benefit many members of our community.


In previous years, the funds raised at the Jingle Mingle have benefitted:

Scrub Shirt Classic 5K Race

The Scrub Shirt Classic 5K Race is the kick-off event to October Cancer Awareness Month, and a fundraiser for our Cancer Screening Fund. In recent years, we’ve experienced increasing demand for these services, and this event is one of the primary ways we’re able to raise the funds necessary to provide important mammogram services to our uninsured population.

Approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lives. The earlier the detection, the better the chances for a cancer-free recovery. Many of the Cancer Screening Fund patients haven’t had a mammogram in about five years on average. Others have been told by their provider that they need this important screening. Please join us for this event and help us raise money for this valuable program.

The registration fee is $25, which includes a t-shirt and a $10 donation to Pioneers Healthcare Foundation Cancer Screening Fund.

Additional Events

The events discussed above are our main flagship events that occur every year. However, other events are occasionally added in order to help us better serve our community. We encourage you to check this page periodically to stay up to date on additional events we’re hosting.

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation Needs Your Help

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation counts on contributions and participation from the members of our community in order to provide the resources necessary to deliver the exceptional healthcare services and treatments you need. Even small contributions make a dramatic impact.

Please make a donation today, and help us to raise the bar for healthcare services in Rio Blanco County.