About The Foundation

Since opening its doors in 1950, Pioneers Medical Center has been providing comprehensive, high quality healthcare services to members of the White River Valley community. There are a variety of challenges associated with maintaining a top tier medical facility in a remote mountain region, and many of these challenges are financial in nature. The Pioneers Healthcare Foundation (PHF) was created to support the efforts of Pioneers Medical Center.

Our Mission and Vision

The Foundation’s mission is to raise philanthropic dollars for healthcare programs, services and equipment that will strengthen our community’s healthcare capacity. The money raised by PHF has played an integral role in ensuring all members of our community have access to the important medical services they need. The Foundation has funded new programs, helped Pioneers Medical Center upgrade the technology in the hospital, and expanded access to cost-effective healthcare for many lower income individuals in Meeker.

Raise The Bar

At the Pioneers Healthcare Foundation, we’re focused on how we can work together as a community raise the bar for the healthcare services available to everyone. When we accomplish our goals, we’re making it possible for all Rio Blanco County residents to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and celebrate life’s joys for years to come. We make this possible by:

  • Providing resources to sustain healthcare services
  • Improving access to healthcare
  • Providing educational support to empower individuals to take control of their own health
  • Implementing community service programs that support the people who live, work and play in Meeker and throughout Rio Blanco County
  • Providing scholarships to members of our community who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare
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Inspired by a Legacy of Philanthropy and Compassion

There is a rich tradition of philanthropy in Meeker. The pioneers who founded the town in the 1880s worked together to build a thriving community. One of the town’s founders, Freeman Fairfield, set the tone with his generosity. Mr. Fairfield grew up in Meeker and then made his fortune in the oil industry. While life took him to California, his Meeker roots always remained close to his heart, and he regularly made generous donations to support his home town.

Mr. Fairfield was the driving force behind the establishment of Pioneers Medical Center in 1950. He donated over $175,000 towards the construction of the hospital. After the Walbridge Wing was built, he also gave an additional $25,000 to be used for an annual Christmas party and gifts for the nursing home residents.

Upon his passing in 1967, Mr. Fairfield established a $2 million trust fund to be used for the enrichment of the Meeker community. While this trust has benefited the community in countless ways, a great deal of the money has gone towards improving the healthcare services provided by PMC.

The legacy of Freeman Fairfield still lives on today, and his giving spirit is stronger than ever. The Pioneers Healthcare Foundation carries on his commitment to making sure the people of Rio Blanco County can receive the important medical care they need. We’re honored to follow in Mr. Fairfield’s footsteps, and we experience joy every time we see our efforts benefit the members of our community.

Board of Directors

The Foundation’s 2023 Board of Directors is comprised of local volunteers and healthcare leaders. It is responsible for determining the annual budget and priorities for PHF. The current Pioneers Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors includes:

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation Needs Your Help

Pioneers Healthcare Foundation counts on contributions from the members of our community in order to fund essential healthcare services. Even small contributions make a dramatic impact.

Please make a donation today, and help us to raise the bar for healthcare services in Rio Blanco County.

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